Tackling the HMO problem

Bexley’s Conservative Council will be consulting on a new license regime for Homes of Multiple Occupancies (HMOs).

Under national legislation only HMOs with three or more storeys, containing five or more people in two or more households and with shared facilities, need a licence. Bexley has 22 such properties at the moment.

The proposals for Bexley would see a new form of general licensing scheme for all small HMOs, and new planning powers under what is known as an Article 4 direction. This would mean all sizes of HMOs would be subject to the same planning enforcement rules.

Speaking after the matter was discussed at the recent Full Council meeting, Leader of Bexley Council Conservatives, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE said:

“We certainly understand the concerns some residents have had with HMOs, and indeed we have acted quickly where issues have arisen. These new proposals would address those concerns directly, while recognising that there is a demand from groups like students for well-run HMOs.

The important thing is to have local controls in place, to safeguard both residents close to and occupiers of such properties.”


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