Fighting the flytippers and litter bugs

This autumn, a new enforcement programme will start tackling the scourge of fly-tipping, people who chuck litter on the highways and dog owners who do not clear up their pet’s mess.

Councillor Peter Craske, interviewed on London Live TV, said:

“Last year, Bexley’s taxpayers had to shell out £38,000 just to clear up fly tipping and we know many residents are fed up with the small number of people who just drop litter on the floor and walk off. The problem of dog owners not clearing up mess created by their pet is also an issue many residents complain about.”

Under the pilot scheme which will run for 12 months, enforcement patrols will issue penalty notices to those dropping litter, failing to clear up dog mess or who dump unwanted rubbish on the highway.

The fines will be set at:

£50 for dog fouling

£80 for littering

Up to £400 for fly tipping

Cllr Craske added: “To be clear, the people responsible for dropping litter on the floor, or flytipping are the people who do it.

Bexley Council’s Conservative Councillors are committed to fighting fly tippers and litter bugs, and are on the side of the overwhelming majority who are fed up with this anti-social behaviour.

This Borough will not be the friend of the fly-tipper, at least all the while there is a Conservative administration in office.”