The Budget that will build a brighter future for Bexley

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have published budget proposals for 2017 onwards which build on the successes of the last decade, and ensure Bexley residents will continue to benefit from first class services.

From 2020, the Council will no longer receive any funding from Central Government, so must be entirely self-sufficient – in 2011, over 70% of the entire budget came from Whitehall.


From 2020 onwards, the only income the Council will have to spend on delivering services to residents will be that raised through Council Tax, business rates and fees and charges.

Leader of Bexley Council’s Conservative Group, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, said:

“We have had to make some difficult decisions to deal with almost £100million in savings, but now we are ready for the future, and ready to continue our work to ensure this is a Borough that works for everyone.

We welcome the continued support we have had from residents for our overall strategy, and we continue to work hard and take decisions in the long term interests of the Borough and our residents and businesses.”

The new budget proposals, which are being published for comments from residents and businesses in the coming months, have three key objectives:

  • Supporting people to live independently for longer
  • Promoting Bexley as a place to live and work
  • Developing the infrastructure to support growth

The Budget plans include agreeing a four year efficiency programme.

A Conservative spokesman added that the Labour Councillors in Bexley recently announced they were not able to come up with any budget ideas of their own, as they found the work “too difficult.”

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