Conservatives focus on issues that matter to residents at Council Meeting

At the Full Council meeting held on 2nd November, your Conservative Councillors focused on the issues that matter to residents.

Issues addressed and debated by Conservative Councillors included school standards, library provision, transport infrastructure and proposals for new river crossings, tacking litter louts, care for vulnerable children and economic growth.

The Conservatives also approved a motion committing the Council to work with partners such as the NHS and the voluntary sectors to deliver high quality homecare services for those in need, so they can live fulfilling lives.

During the report from the Leader of the Council, Conservative Councillors highlighted the amazing work undertaken by Council staff to respond to the water main burst in Crayford, the recent disturbances in Northumberland Heath, and the recent Looked After Children Awards.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, said:

“It was good to highlight so many positive things during this meeting. My colleagues focused solely on the issues that matter to the residents we represent, and we did so in a disciplined and straight forward way.”

Meanwhile, unable to offer any positive ideas or policies, Labour Party Councillors lived up to their Nasty Party reputation.

They interrupted and abused any Conservative Councillor who spoke in the meeting, tried to bring the meeting to a halt and even tried to shout down a statement that Bexley was not a place that welcomed racists.

Cheered on by the Labour supporters sitting in the public gallery immediately behind them, two Labour Councillors disrupted the meeting so much they were ordered to stop speaking or risk being ejected from the meeting.

One resident, who had been watching the webcast, called the local Conservatives today to join the Party, saying of the Labour Councillors:

“I thought they were democratically elected Councillors, supposed to be representing the interests of the residents of this Borough, but these people were acting like five year olds.

One of them had such a massive sulk, I thought he had lost his Peppa Pig DVDs – but in fact, all that happened was he had been told his query about a standing order was incorrect.”

Another resident who also contacted the local Conservatives said:

“The Labour Councillors were like some pound-shop Socialist Workers Party, trying to prevent any issues being discussed. I cannot believe the way they spluttered out so much abuse towards anyone who dared disagree with them. They really are the Nasty Party.”

A Conservative Party Spokesman said:

“While we were talking about tackling litter louts, Labour Councillors acted like a bunch of louts.”