Bexley Conservative Council’s zero tolerance of litter louts is having an impact.

Your Conservative Council’s zero tolerance of people who chuck litter, fail to clear up their dog’s mess or fly tip has seen over 3,000 litter louts issued with fixed penalty notices since last November.

Cllr Peter Craske, the Conservative Cabinet Member for the Environment, welcomed this news.

“Like many, many residents we are sick to death of a small minority of people just chucking away their litter on the highway or in parks and ruin our Bexley. People should dispose of their litter in a bin or take it home to dispose of. I am pleased we have particularly issued penalty notices to people who spit on the highway, a disgusting practice.

“So many residents and businesses have been in touch to welcome this initiative, and they can see the impact it is having.”

Businesses in town centres have already observed a dramatic reduction in the litter left around at the end of the trading day.

Cllr Craske added: “Bexley is a fantastic place to live. I cannot believe anyone would oppose a zero tolerance of littering, and take the side of litter louts. I would note that clearing up discarded litter or flytipped materials also costs taxpayers additional money, as this mess has to be cleared up on top of the street cleaning and bin emptying that already takes place.”


Recently, the Courts have ruled on cases where people had refused to pay the penalty – and the data shows 60% of those people lived outside of Bexley.

Alongside this enforcement pilot, your Conservative Council has also reinstated the litter collection beats that used to exist as part of this year’s budget.