Coming this winter – 200 new street trees!

This winter, Bexley’s Conservative Council will launch a new street tree planting programme.

200 new trees will be planted on residential roads across the Borough – and from winter 2018, the number of new trees planted will double to 400 a year, every year.

The new street trees planting programme is part of the Bexley Conservative budget that is ploughing substantial resources into making Bexley even cleaner and greener.

However, as every Labour Councillor voted against the new street tree planting programme, this policy is at risk.

A Bexley Conservatives spokesperson said:

“This street tree planting programme has been welcomed by residents across Bexley, and we cannot wait to get planting. But every one of Bexley’s Labour Councillors voted against planting new trees.”

Labour Councillors did not just vote against the budget, their supporters actually turned up to the Budget Council meeting waving placards to protest about planting new trees!

The spokesperson added:

“This means there is a very clear choice for Bexley’s residents in May 2018 when they decide who will run their Council for the following four years. A choice between a Conservative Council that will be planting hundreds of new trees every year, or one run by Labour Councillors who would stop the programme completely.

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors are implementing a series of policies to make our Borough cleaner and greener and plant hundreds of new trees, all opposed by Labour Councillors who seem to think the only point of trees is to rip them down and turn into placards.”

Bexley faces bleak mid-winters if Labour Councillors win control of our Council as they voted against planting new street trees.


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