Bexley – the Borough built on happiness

The annual Office for National Statistics personal well being survey has been published – and once again it shows 75% of Bexley residents have great life satisfaction and are happy!

In fact, the survey also reveals that 8/10 residents think life is worthwhile and that Bexley residents have some of the lowest anxiety rates too.

This is the fourth official and independent survey to show Bexley is one of the happiest place to live in, and is the 5th year in a row where the ONS shows that happiness level have increased.

This reflects all the positive news that has been seen across Bexley since 2014.

A range of new businesses have opened across the Borough, there are low levels of crime, new hospital facilities have opened at Queen Mary’s, a new community centre for Slade Green, the faltering bridge repaired and improved in Bexley Village, a brand new playground in Belvedere, a new visitors centre at Lesnes Abbey, local schools rated as among the best in the UK, new street lights and more investment in key council services are just some of the many improvements and achievements delivered for residents by your local Conservative Council.

The ONS report shows the personal well being ratings for Bexley:

Life Satisfaction                                             7.5/10

Life is worthwhile                                         7.8/10

Happiness                                                       7.5/10

Anxiety                                                             3.2/10

This report follows the publication of an independent Audit of Council services, which concludes Bexley’s Conservative Council provides value for money for residents, being efficient and effective.

A Bexley Conservatives Spokesperson commented:

“There are so many positive things going on across our Borough, with council services being well received and rated as efficient and effective, it is great to see this reflected by the residents of our Borough having such high levels of life satisfaction and feeling life in Bexley is worthwhile. With Bexley Conservatives, our Borough will always be built on happiness.”


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