A positive and optimistic future for our brilliant Bexley – Conservative administration publishes vision for the Bexley

Bexley’s Conservative administration has published its vision for the Borough for the next decade.
The new Corporate Plan, agreed by Bexley’s Cabinet, sets out the plans Conservative Councillors have to shape the future of the Borough, building on the achievements of the last decade.
A series of themes reflect the ambitions for Bexley along with specific measurements to show progress on those plans.
Commenting, Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, Teresa O’Neill OBE, said: “We have always had very positive and optimistic vision for our Borough and this new strategy sets out our plans for the years ahead.
Like every local council, we have been through a difficult financial period, but because we set a clear strategy for dealing with it, we are emerging in a strong position, ready to make our Borough even better!”

Based around a set of themes, the new plan focuses on:
+ Growth that benefits all

+ Clean and green local places

+ Strong and resilient communities and families

+ Living Well

+ Innovation and self sufficiency


The plan will be published in full on the Council website, along with every individual plan tracked and progress reported for everyone to see.

A Conservative spokesperson added:
“Bexley is officially one of the happiest places in the country, with low crime, successful schools and where our Council is independently judged to offer value for money and for being effective and efficient.

None of those things are accidents but because of hard work by Conservative Councillors working hard for the Boroughs’ residents all year round.”

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