Residents across Bexley are welcoming the new Conservative investment that is brightening the Borough

Bexley is looking cleaner and greener as the impact of the new resources being invested by your Conservative Councillors have an impact.
As set out in this year’s budget, new street trees are being planted across the Borough. Some 300 new trees are appearing throughout Bexley, with huge support from residents. This new budget will double from next year, and by 2020 some 1,000 new street trees will have been planted.
Parks and open spaces are seeing fences/posts/gates painted or repaired, with over 200 new – and much larger – litter bins are being installed and the three extra grass cutting cycles (12 a year up from 9) are keeping parks and verges looking tidy.
The deep cleaning of over 30 roads is almost complete, a £4m programme of repairs and improvements to roads and pavements is underway and some 16,000 street lights have now had new LED bulbs fitted – saving energy and reducing running costs which will save taxpayers £600,000 a year when complete.
Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, said:
“This huge investment is having a big impact. Bexley looks better everywhere and we are glad to have heard from so many residents welcoming this new investment in their Borough.
Users in our parks and open spaces can see the new, larger litter bins and redecorated fencing and gates. Residents can see their roads being deep cleaned and have welcomed the new LED street lights. This new investment is only been possible because we stuck to the strategy we set out at the 2014 election – that if we dealt with the spending pressures from central Government in a strategic way then we would make the savings quicker and then be in a strong position to start increasing budgets again. We have delivered exactly what we pledged to residents in 2014.”
30 roads are being “deep cleaned” over six weeks.
Labour Councillors actually voted against all of this the extra funding at Budget Council in March and oppose the planting of new street trees, new litter bins and the much better LED street lights.
Labour supporters even attended the Budget meeting waving placards opposing new trees!
At the meeting of the Full Council on 8th November 2017, Labour Councillors were asked to state whether they supported making Bexley brighter and better – but they just sat still, in stony silence, refusing to support making Bexley even better than now.
A Bexley Conservatives spokesperson added: “It is hardly a surprise Labour refuse to support making Bexley cleaner and greener. In the 2014 election they stated that the Conservative strategy would bring about “municipal bankruptcy” and their embarrassment at seeing their prediction fail spectacularly is stopping them welcome all this new investment. How can any sensible person be so vehemently opposed to new street trees or larger litter bins?!”
300 new street trees are being planted across Bexley under Conservative budget, which Labour Councillors opposed.

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