New locations for Bexley’s polling stations agreed by Councillors.

Changes to locations of the Borough’s polling stations were formally agreed on Tuesday 28th November 2017 by the Council’s General Purposes Committee.

This completes the changes needed to deliver our 2014 manifesto pledge to reduce the number of Councillors in Bexley.
Because wards have changed in terms of both size and the boundaries they cover, the location of polling stations needs to be amended to reflect that.
The review has taken place over recent months by the Council’s election team, with residents and Councillors all having several opportunities to comment or propose alternative ideas.
Chairman of the General Purposes Committee, Cllr Cafer Munur, said:
“This represents an enormous amount of work by Council staff, ensuring that while residents will be electing 30% fewer Councillors next year, they are still able to vote as simply as always.”
The report agreed by Councillors at the meeting can be read here
Bexley’s Conservative Councillors were all elected on a manifesto commitment to reduce the number of Councillors, and this review – carried out by the independent Local Government Boundary Commission – has delivered a 30% reduction. In May 2018 residents will only be electing 45 councillors.
Bexley’s Councillors are the only ones in the entire country to have proposed a reduction in their number and the only ones to have delivered such a commitment.
A Bexley Conservatives spokesperson commented:
“This delivers our 2014 election manifesto pledges in full. 
It is simply wrong for Councillors to have to make savings across the Council while not being affected themselves, that is why we made the commitment and that is why we have kept our word, as we always do. 
Cutting our own number follows our decisions to freeze Councillors allowances for over eight years – representing a 21% real terms cut.”

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