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More cuts from Labour – Now the Mayor of London slashes funding for Bexley’s road safety projects and Taxicard

In an announcement sneaked out by City Hall it has been revealed that the Labour Mayor of London has cut over £200,000 from the funding programme granted to the London Borough of Bexley to deliver vital road safety projects across the Borough.

Revealing the news at the Cabinet Meeting held on 12th December, Cllr Alex Sawyer, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transport, said:

“This sudden cut to the funding by City Hall to implement road safety scheme is a massive blow for Bexley residents. It means schemes we had been developing on the basis of agreed funding, including a major road safety project for Erith, will now have to be scrapped entirely, and other schemes reduced in their scope.

It is so frustrating as a lot of work had already taken place to identify road safety schemes, many of which were being considered in response to requests from Bexley residents.”

This latest round of spending cuts by the Mayor of London follows the decision of the Mayor to cut his share of the funding for the Taxicard service – this scheme allows those with serious mobility difficulties to travel in designated licensed London radio taxis at a reduced rate. It is to help those who find using public transport very difficult or impossible – such as the blind or those unable to walk.

The service is funded by both London Boroughs alongside the Mayor of London.

Sign the petition against the cuts to Taxicard here:

A spokesperson for Bexley’s Conservative Councillors added:

“With his (eventually aborted) plan to close our police station, and now these cuts to road safety funding and Taxicard, Bexley’s residents are really bearing the brunt of these Labour spending cuts.

The residents in Erith who have long called for road safety schemes to be implemented will be furious the Labour Mayor has led to these being cancelled. They should be demanding answers from their Labour Councillors as to why they have been let down by Labour.”

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