The cleaner and greener Borough is now even greener – and there is more green on the way!

New figures show that green open spaces now account for 40% of land in Bexley, and that there is 11% more open space for residents to access than a decade ago.

In 2008, residents could access 1391 hectares of open space, but that number has increased to 1548 hectares following policy decisions and action taken by Conservative Councillors.

Among the new open spaces residents are enjoying is Parish Wood Park, which was the newest Park to open in London for 20 years when it opened in 2010. This former wasteland and unofficial dumping ground is now home to wildlife and wetlands and was created with £400,000 of investment from the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The adoption of land across the Borough including in places like Crayford and Sidcup has also helped boost open spaces – and by 2020 there will be even more open spaces for residents to enjoy, if Bexley Conservatives are elected to run the London Borough of Bexley in May.

Alongside this, Lesnes Abbey has benefited from a £4million investment secured by Conservative Councillors, transforming a site which welcomed 400,000 visitors in 2017 and Hall Place has welcomed 100,000 visitors since being returned to being run by the Council, as well as winning prestigious awards.

In addition, residents have been welcoming the new investment pouring into parks, playgrounds and open spaces. This includes the additional grass cuts and weed sprays and the planting of 300 new street trees across the Borough.

As one resident in Belvedere put it: “The new trees have already made our road look much better; I cannot understand why my Labour Councillors all voted against having street trees.”

A spokesperson for Bexley’s Conservative Councillors said:
“We love Bexley, and like our residents, we love our open spaces, parks and playgrounds.

That is why we worked hard to identify new areas to create accessible open spaces, and why, if we are elected in May, we will have created even more by 2020.”

The spokesperson added:
“As residents know, in 2014 we were looking at disposing of some 27 plots of land across the Borough to prevent further reductions to grounds maintenance budgets, but as was announced 15 months ago, that programme was scrapped following the successful management of the Council’s budget and the increased investments we are making across the whole Borough.”

Bexley Facts:
Total Area of Borough 6429ha
Total Area of All Open Space 2499.7ha
Total Area of Accessible Open Space in 2018 1548ha
Total Area of Accessible Open Space in 2008 1391ha

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