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Labour Mayor plans to impose tower blocks across Bexley

Bexley residents are being urged to respond to the consultation on the Labour Mayor of London’s plan for the capital.

Under Labour’s plans, Bexley could look like the view from Lewisham station.

The proposals would increase Bexley’s housing targets by three times, with most of the land for new housing coming from small sites in residential areas, and in areas in town centres or by railway stations the housing target would increase by eight times to 865 new units a year.

The London Plan also proposes a presumption in favour of small developments – 25 or fewer properties – and many developments will not be allowed any parking at all.


Following the recent public meeting held by the Mayor of London, one resident stated:

“Looking at these plans, it is clear that if anyone wants to know what Bexley would look like in the next ten years they just need to look out of the train as they go through Lewisham station.”

Councillor Linda Bailey, the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Growth, said:

“We have set out a positive strategy for growth for the next thirty years, which creates the right housing in the right places, and helps new businesses flourish and new jobs be created. This strategy is supported by all political parties in Bexley and is predicated on the development of new infrastructure to support it.

The Labour Mayor’s plans will put our strategy at risk &, instead of creating opportunities for our residents, we’ll be enduring the creation of massive high rise tower blocks on space the size of a garden & with no supporting infrastructure’’

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