Libraries are flourishing in Bexley!

While Labour Councils close libraries and cut funding, in Conservative Bexley our library strategy is really making a difference.

We are one of the few Councils to see library user numbers rise, and to see an increase in the number of items being borrowed.

We have just refurbished three libraries in three months, with more planned for the year ahead.

And we’ve staged out first ever Book Festival, which has been a huge success.

Our library in Crayford is now the home of the town’s Post Office – increasing library footfall by 87% in a month, a great example of the way we work in partnership with other organisations.

700 people visited Blackfen’s Library on one day to launch the Christmas celebrations. The Community Libraries at Bostall and Bexley have recruited new library users and now run a range of activities including a really popular film night.

It is a shame Bexley’s Labour Cllrs opposed this successful strategy.

But then, when they ran our Council, they closed libraries and in 2014 stated that all of the Borough’s libraries would be given “the chop”

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