We’ll be fighting a positive campaign and have signed a clean campaign pledge – will others make the same commitment?


Conservative candidates seeking office at May’s local election have all signed up to a pledge to fight a clean campaign – and are calling on all candidates standing in May to do the same.

The pledge commits all Conservative candidates in Bexley to campaign in a respectful manner, including on social media; to abide by the Conservative Party’s Code of Conduct and to refrain from making abusive attacks on other candidates online, in literature or in person.


A spokesperson for Bexley’s Conservative candidates said:

“Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have always only ever fought positive election campaigns in the Borough, focusing on our ideas and our vision for the future of our Borough.

Indeed, in the 2016 St Michael’s bye-election we were the only party contesting the election that ran a solely positive campaign.

By committing to this campaign pledge we are re-affirming that, and we hope all candidates standing in May will publicly agree to support the same commitments.”

Election campaigns are already highly regulated, with detailed requirements on campaign funding or the way literature is written.

What many people don’t realise is that the laws don’t just apply to candidates, there are also detailed laws and regulations for those not seeking election but who, nonetheless, will campaign for or against an issue, candidate or party during the regulated period of an election.

Known as non-party campaigners, the Electoral Commission sets out detailed guidance on the requirements for such campaigners or campaign groups.

Electoral law already states it is an offence for a candidate to make false statements about another candidate(s).


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