Your Conservative Council’s “Budget For Bexley” will see millions of pounds of investment across the Borough, delivering on our manifesto commitments.

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have published their final budget proposals for 2019-2023, which will now be debated at the Budget Council where the final decision will be taken.

The budget includes £250,000,000 of capital investments to make Bexley better and provide help to those most in need.


Over £7m will be invested in the Disabled Facilities Grant, £1.3m for the new library for Thamesmead and an increase in funding for adult social care of £3.9m.

After the Labour Mayor of London cut all funding for repairing the Borough’s main roads – which is his remit – we’re going to allocate £2m a year to highways maintenance projects while £28m will be invested in the Borough’s schools and education system.



Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, said:

“Last May Bexley gave us a clear mandate to continue running our brilliant Borough for another four years. We are honoured to be trusted by Bexley’s residents to look after their interests and as this Budget shows, we will not let them down.”

We have already delivered many of our manifesto commitments and this Budget for Bexley will really help our Borough take a major leap forward by investing in Bexley’s long term interests.”


Cllr David Leaf, Cabinet Member for Resources, added:

“Last year Bexley’s Labour Councillors cruelly voted against every item in our Budget, including major investment to tackle homelessness and help people with disabilities.

This heartless approach would have meant families in need of temporary accommodation being forced to sleep on the streets, no wonder they were so soundly rejected at the ballot box last year.

At the Budget Council meeting on 6th March every single Councillor will have to stand up and declare whether whether they are FOR the budget plans or not. I urge all Labour Councillors to join us in voting FOR our Budget for all in Bexley.”

This year’s Budget setting process has been the most open ever in Bexley. As well as draft proposals being published last October for everyone to see in full and comment on, there were also two special Budget Scrutiny Committees where Councillors could debate all the proposals in depth and put forward alternative ideas.

Labour Councillors have failed to put forward even a single idea over the last five months.

Cllr Leaf added: “As usual Labour Councillors are happy making up scare stories about the budget – including a claim that £2million would be cut from adult social care when in fact the budget is increasing by £3.9m – but as always they suddenly run and hide when asked to set out their own ideas. This cowardly approach shows why Bexley voters keep rejecting them at the ballot box.”


The Budget Council meeting on 6th March will take place at the Civic Offices from 7.30pm and is webcast so everyone can see how their own Councillors vote.


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