Crossrail delayed again – this time until 2021?

We’re all ready for Crossrail, so the Labour Mayor of London needs to get on with it.

The BBC has reported that Crossrail’s opening could now not be until 2021 – which would be three years after it was supposed to have opened.

The Labour Mayor of London cancelled the December 2018 opening last autumn and has so far refused to give any indication of when the much needed service will commence.

Cllr Louie French, Cabinet Member for Growth, said:

“This is depressing news.

We’ve been ready for Crossrail for the last few years, and our residents and weary commuters are ready too.

The Labour Mayor needs to stop wasting time faffing around banning adverts for cheeseburgers on tube trains and focus on ensuring this vital Crossrail service opens as soon as possible.

Constantly delaying this just means residents who have bought homes close to the station and the local businesses who have set up or have prepared for it on the basis it would open last December are now unlikely to see the benefits for another two or years.”

Bexley’s Conservative Council has long supported the Crossrail project, and our Growth strategy is based on supporting this major transport infrastructure.

In addition, Crossrail will create more employment opportunities for Bexley residents with improved connectivity to all areas of London.

Our campaign to see Crossrail extended to Ebbsfleet has been boosted following the Government decision to award Bexley £4.8m towards the next phase of the project, to carry out viability work.

Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, added:

“As well as constantly delaying the Crossrail opening, the Labour Mayor of London has also cut police numbers in Bexley, abolished our Borough police force, cut bus routes, scrapped entirely funding for maintaining Bexley’s major roads and slashed road safety funding by 15%.

Meanwhile he has increased his share of Council Tax by 9% this year alone.”

Crossrail might not open for another two years but at least the Mayor has banned you from seeing images of cheeseburgers when it does open – oops, look away quickly…..

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