One year on, Bexley Conservatives have already delivered over 60% of election pledges

One year after being elected to run Bexley with a decisive mandate, Bexley’s Conservative administration has already completed delivery of 60% of its election manifesto pledges.

And the remaining pledges are on track to be delivered in full, just as promised.

Last year, when presented with a choice between the positive, ambitious Conservative vision for Bexley or negative campaigns focused on running down our Borough, residents chose hope over fear and elected Conservative Councillors to continue running the London Borough of Bexley for a fourth term – giving the Party 55% of all votes cast, a 12% increase in vote share and 7% more seats.

Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, said:

“We always set ourselves ambitious goals but to have delivered so many of our manifesto commitments already is an achievement we are all very proud of.

We remain honoured to have received the trust of Bexley’s residents in this way and for their continuing support for our long term, common sense approach, putting Bexley’s interests above silly party political nonsense.”

Group photo 2

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have actually delivered far more than just the manifesto pledges over the last year.

Since last May:

  • Bexley’s Children’s Services have been rated by OFSTED as “Outstanding.”
  • An independent report says Bexley has strong political leadership and solid financial management.
  • Plans for new recycling collections have been announced, replacing old boxes with new wheelie bins, exactly as residents asked us to do.
  • Waived Council Tax for young people leaving care.
  • Lesnes Abbey and Hall Place have been named as two of the best parks on the entire planet.
  • The RAC declared Bexley as one of the Top 20 Councils in the country for repairing potholes the quickest.
  • The Shared Lives Carers service ranked as “good” by CQC.
  • Launched a new vision for young adults leaving care to ensure they have support to become confident independent adults.
  • Construction has begun of a new school for children with special needs AND we’ve secured funding for a second one as well.

Cllr David Leaf, Cabinet Member for Resources, added:

“At the heart of all we do is strong financial management. Without that bedrock we could not do anything. Every penny the Council receives in income is invested in delivering high quality services.

Independent audits constantly state that our administration is efficient and effective in the way it manages resources, delivering value for money for taxpayers.”


Manifesto pledges completed:

  • We will continue to ensure value for money for every penny we spend on local services 
  • We will continue to keep Council Tax low. If it has to rise, it will be because we are committed to supporting the best services.
  • We will generate commercial income to take the pressure off Council
  • We will maintain the popular three weekly cleaning schedule for residential roads
  • We’ll make the Council’s litter-enforcement pilot scheme permanent.
  • The welfare of children and opportunities for young people will be central to everything we do.
  • We will introduce a range of practical help under a new ‘Ageing Well’ service to tackle loneliness and isolation among older people and encourage every opportunity to live life to the full.
  • We will continue to prioritise the choice of people to remain living in their own home for as long as possible.
  • We will prioritise mental health alongside physical wellbeing.
  • We will work with groups and carers to improve services for those living with dementia.
  • We will audit ALL our playgrounds to see what equipment we can introduce for children with special needs or disabilities.
  • We will boost internet connectivity with a network of new hot spots and roll-out our successful Crayford superfast broadband project to thousands of homes across Bexley.
  • We’ve made huge progress on our campaign to extend Crossrail to Ebbsfleet – a move that wil open major employment opportunities for Bexley people and boost local business. We won’t stop till its in-the-bag.

Underway and making progress

  • We are confident enough of our service to pledge that Bexley’s nurseries, schools and colleges will be rated as good or outstanding.
  • We will take action quickly if schools underperform and work closely with OFSTED and the Department for Education to drive standards back up.
  • We will support life-long learning, ensuring opportunities exist for all who wish to re-engage with education or learn new skills.
  • By 2020, we want to see more than 1,000 new street trees across Bexley and we’ve set a target of delivering at least two extra hectares of green open space.
  • We plan 8,000 new homes for people on brownfield sites over the next eight years.
  • We will create a strong and dynamic local economy, encouraging businesses to base themselves in Bexley.
  • We will support local entrepreneurs and job creators.
  • We will continue to fight for the highest quality local rail services. No dogma, no fear or favour … we speak only for fare paying travellers



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