We’re investing in the future of Bexley’s town centres

Bexley’s Conservative Council has published its new strategy to help keep the Borough’s town centres thriving for years to come.

The strategy, developed in consultation with businesses and residents over recent months, reflects the fast changing nature of high streets and town centres, and the move to online shopping.

The strategy’s key themes are focused on:

* Business Health and Inward investment

* Digital Economy

* Evening and Night Time Economy

* Place Marketing

* Place Making and Public Realm

* Diversifying the Retail and Leisure Offer

* Accessibility and Wayfinding

* Events, Markets and Temporary Uses 

Cabinet Member for Growth, Cllr Louie French, said:

“We’re all shopping in new ways and this strategy has been developed in response to this fast changing world. Town centres that stay the same and rest on their laurels are the ones that will become left behind.

We’ve spoken to businesses and to town centre users as we’ve developed these plans for the future. I’m glad so many people have got involved and clearly care about the future of our town centres.

We want to ensure our town centres remain as destinations people want to go, and the only way to do this is by being innovative, finding new ways to bring people in, and creating new opportunities for new businesses to flourish.”


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