Bexley’s parks are world leaders again

Two of Bexley’s 106 parks have been named as among the best in the world following the announcement of this year’s international Green Flag Awards.

Hall Place has won its 23rd Green Flag award in a row while Lesnes Abbey has won the award for the second time.

 The success of Lesnes Abbey follows the completion of a major project and investment over recent years. Following an Overview and Scrutiny committee project that developed a long term plan for the park, Bexley’s Conservative Council secured £3m from the Heritage Lottery and invested a further £1million to develop the park – this includes the Lesnes Lodge, new gardens drawing on its history, and statues and art across the site to enhance the overall experience.


Following completion of the work visitor numbers increased by 15% year on year, and the park won the Forestry Commission’s London Borough Tree and Woodland Award.

Now the site has won its second Green Flag award.

Since Hall Place returned to being managed by Bexley’s Conservative Council, it has hosted a huge number of successful events, including DinoLive and Lego Brick City, seen visitor numbers increase by 55% and retained its Green Flag.

Last year the site was also named as a World Green Heritage Site.

Bexley has 106 parks and open spaces which welcome over 4,000,000 visitors a year.



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