Bexley’s new tree planting programme is making the Borough greener and improving air quality.

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have already planted more than half of the 1,000 new street trees pledged in our 2018 manifesto to be planted by 2020.

In addition to the 600 street trees already planted across the whole Borough, a new programme has been created this year to plant new trees in Bexley’s parks and open spaces.

street tree

As well as making Bexley look even greener than now, the new trees are helping the Borough meet carbon reduction targets and in turn improving the Borough’s air quality.

Cllr Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Places, said:

“Bexley has always been one of London’s greenest Councils, but our street tree planting programme is making that even more the case. Residents love it, so much so that many have helped plant new trees in their roads or requested new trees.

Having been joined by school children, scouts groups and other organisations last year to plant 2,400 new whip trees in Danson Park alone, we’re now pleased to launch our new tree planting programme across all of our 106 parks.”


A further 300 new street trees will be planted this winter, along with new trees in the area around Abbey Wood station as part of the works to rejuvenate the area ready for when Crossrail eventually opens.

Bexleyheath’s main routes have seen dozens of new trees and plants introduced, transforming the area from a concrete jungle to an area brimming with nature and dramatically reducing pollution.

But, astonishingly, these tree planting programmes are opposed by Bexley’s Labour Councillors.

When the street tree planting budget was proposed in March 2017, Bexley’s Labour Councillors voted against it. Then they voted against doubling the street tree planting budget, and then in March this year, they voted against the new budget for planting new trees in parks too.

A spokesperson for Bexley’s Conservatives said:

“Labour’s long-standing opposition to Bexley having new trees is baffling.

Why are Labour Councillors against making Bexley greener and against improving our air quality?”

Our election manifesto pledged to plant 1,000 new street trees by 2020 – and we’ve already planted over half of them.


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