In Bexley, our libraries are leading the way

As this year’s Summer Reading Challenge kicks off, with the theme of space exploration, new figures show that Bexley’s Library service has seen a dramatic increase in visitor numbers, and an even larger increase in the number of items borrowed from libraries. There has been a 5% increase in the number of items issued by libraries in a year.


There are now 4% more visitors than the year before, with events like the “BookBuzz” and “Libraries at Night” celebrating what is on offer in Bexley’s libraries.

The opening of the Post Office in Crayford’s Library and the new small business hub in Welling Library have helped generate income while the Book Festival attracted over 3,000 people.

And the Borough’s community libraries are now firmly established at the heart of the communities they serve.

Cllr Peter Craske, Cabinet Member for Places, said:

“Our libraries are one of the success stories of our administration.

We’ve driven up visitor numbers, encouraged innovation and promoted this key Council service.

It is something all of Bexley’s Conservative Councillors are immensely proud of.”

This good news is of huge embarrassment to Labour Councillors who fundamentally opposed the strategy that has delivered all this success – and who, in 2014, even claimed that there would be no libraries at all in Bexley by now!

A Bexley Conservatives Spokesperson added:

“Labour’s anti library agenda would put the entire service at risk. When they ran Bexley, Labour slashed library budgets and closed libraries down.

Now, they call libraries an “indefensible” service, and this year they voted against the funding for the new library for Thamesmead.”

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