Bexley’s Conservative Council continues to be effective and efficient in its use of taxpayers money.

Following the publication of the Council annual report and accounts, the latest report from independent auditors state that Bexley’s Conservative Council continues to show “economy, efficiency and effectiveness” in the way in which it used its resources, delivering value for money for taxpayers.

Read the report for yourself

This follows a separate independent report last year which stated Bexley had a culture of strong financial management at its heart.

Councillor David Leaf, Cabinet Member for Resources, said:

“Delivering value for money for Bexley taxpayers and residents has always been the bedrock of our administration.

It’s one of the reasons we have so many services rated as the best or among the very best in the Country.

I’m glad our new independent auditors continue to share the analysis of the previous organisations as we continue to implement our 2018 manifesto and long term positive vision for Bexley.”


The auditor also says they have not found any instances where the administration made any inappropriate judgements and there were no material weaknesses in the way the Council operates.

Cllr Leaf added:

“This report is also hugely embarrassing for Labour Councillors and Labour supporters who, like the boy who cried wolf, have spent the last 13 years claiming the Council was on the verge of collapse, was about to go bankrupt or that we would have to increase Council Tax by 40% or more every year.

One of their local election candidates even said having a Council with strong financial management, which delivered value for money for taxpayers was ‘just fluff’!

No wonder Labour keep being rejected by Bexley residents when they tell people they want to run an inefficient, ineffective council that doesn’t provide value for money for taxpayers.”

blendon - leaf, o'hare & wildman
Cllr David Leaf

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