A summer of awards – Part Three of the review of 2019

July to September

Bexley’s parks and open spaces became award winners again.

Firstly, Hall Place and Lesnes Abbey were named as among the best parks on the planet by winning international Green Flag awards – in the case of Hall Place, winning a Green Flag for the 23rd year in a row.

Then, Danson Park was voted as London’s Best Park for 2019 and Hall Place was voted as a runner up.


It was revealed that following the Labour Mayor of London’s decision to axe Bexley’s Borough Police Force entirely, Bexley had slipped from being London’s safety Borough for many years to just the fifth safest Borough.


Thousands of people attended the celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic by Alcock and Brown in a plane built in Crayford. This was followed by a Royal visit to commemorate the occasion.

New figures showed that Bexley’s libraries were powering ahead, welcoming 4% more visitors year on year and issuing 5% more items to library users. This follows the successful implementation of the 2014-19 Library strategy which also created hugely popular Community Libraries, whom have brought in new library users and become firmly established at the heart of their communities.

Again, this entire strategy, increasing library use, was opposed in full by Labour, who claimed that by 2019 there would be no library service at all! Labour supporters also stated community libraries were downgraded libraries.


The Leader of the Labour Group was forced issue a humiliating public apology for claiming a Cabinet member had misled the Council – a claim that was wholly false.

Letter published by the Leader of the Labour Group, apologising for making false statement.


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