Budget for Bexley approved – get ready for new schools and care for those most in need.

Bexley Conservative Councillors were joined by Bexley’s Independent Councillor to approve the Budget for 2020/21 on 4th March.

One by one, our Conservative Councillors spoke about their pride in consistently delivering high quality services for Bexley residents, services which are independently rated as being among the best in London or the country.


By contrast Labour Councillors made speeches running down Council services or talking about issues that had no relevance to the budget.

Our Budget For Bexley will deliver £500,000,000 of investment across the Borough – bridges will be repaired, vulnerable children will receive the support they need, new trees will be planted and 2 new schools for children with special needs will be built – Bexley is the only Council in the entire country to have secured funding to build two special needs schools!

Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Councillors, Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, said:

“Our Councillors have been working hard for many months to finalise our budget.

It’s a budget that again repays the trust residents gave us in 2018 and delivers on their priorities.

I’m proud of all our team, who spoke with such passion and commitment about our Borough, and of all the things we’ve achieved together.

Our commitment to our community shone through.”

Cllr David Leaf, Cabinet Member for Finance, added:

“The commitment demonstrated by Conservative Councillors to our Borough was in stark contrast to the pathetic performance by Bexley’s Hard Left Labour Councillors.

After four months of claiming they were really, really going to show us how many ideas they had, they could only put forward a one page amendment which wanted to see more capital investment without showing how it would be paid for.

This money would have been used to buy up private property – this was after they voted against capital investments of £30 million to build new homes and affordable homes across the Borough – not one but twice!

Under Labour there would be fewer homes and less affordable housing in Bexley, which would cause hardship for families.”

Labour Councillors previously voted against the project which delivered hundreds of new homes across the Borough.

By law, the vote on the formal Budget plans must be recorded so everyone can see how their own Councillors voted on the most important decision of the year. Conservative Councillors were joined by Bexley’s Independent Councillor to vote for new schools, for funding to care for vulnerable adults and deliver major infrastructure projects.

Every Labour Councillor voted against the entire budget, meaning they are on record as opposing any funding to help vulnerable children and adults, opposing new schools and opposing new infrastructure – even in their own wards!

In 2018, 55% of Bexley residents elected a Conservative administration, with a 12% increase in vote share and 7% more seats.

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