Conservative, Labour and Independent Councillors unite in condemnation of Mayor of London for failing to tackle the rise in violent crime.

Bexley Conservative Councillors have agreed a motion expressing concern at the Mayor of London for failing to tackle violent crime – and it received cross-party support with all Labour and Independent Councillors voting for the motion.

This means every Labour Councillor in Bexley has bravely taken a public stance to oppose their own policies of police cuts.

After major Government investment in the police over the last year, many police forces are recruiting new police officers – the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner in Kent is, for example, increasing their number of police officers again – but in Labour run London the Mayor is proposing to cut the number of officers by over 1,600.

Cllr Louie French, Deputy Leader of the Council, who moved the motion, said:

“We’ve all seen the rise in crime, especially the shocking increase in knife crime and murder, under the Labour Mayor of London.

Mr Khan has repeatedly failed to take action to address these problems, he rarely speaks in support of the police and now is proposing to cut over £110million of the Met’s budget, which equates to roughly 1,600 police officers on the beat.

Meanwhile he has found the money to increase his own staffing numbers and pay bonuses, even when major projects such as Crossrail are billions over budget and years late.  

“The failure of the Mayor of London to get a grip on crime is now so severe that Labour Councillors joined forces with us and voted FOR our motion. I welcome them to our campaign to stop Khan’s police cuts.”

Cllr Alex Sawyer, Cabinet Member for Communities, added:

“Bexley residents back our Police. Conservative Councillors back our police.

It’s great that Labour Councillors have bravely defied their Party’s policy to defund the police and we look forward us all working together to bring crime down.”

The motion, which all Members of the Council – Conservative, Independent and Labour – voted for reads:

“This Council notes with concern the significant and ongoing rise in violent crime in London since 2016 and calls upon the Mayor of London to take action to ensure the extra resource being paid for by Bexley residents is reflected in greater police strength in the borough.”

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