Our 2021/22 Budget for Bexley invests £248m for the long term future of our Borough

Cllr David Leaf has an update for residents on the 2021/22 London Borough of Bexley budget ahead of the final decisions being made on Wednesday night.

Cllr Leaf said: “Trying to bring in a balanced budget after a year of massive expenditure and loss of income on the scale we have seen because of Covid has not been easy, but we have got there.

I realise all those who have claimed – and even been hoping – the Council is about to go bankrupt and end all services will be very disappointed, but we have agreed a budget where we can invest a total £248m across the Borough through both the revenue and capital budgets and a budget which balances the books.”

By law, the way Councillors vote on the annual Budget must be recorded, so a roll call vote takes place whether they are FOR or AGAINST the 2021/22 budget proposals. Some could choose abstain and therefore have it recorded that they don’t even have an opinion on the budget. 

Bexley’s Budget plans were published last July, have been subject to consultation with 4,000 residents, examined in detail at two Budget Scrutiny meetings and discussed further at a dozen other meetings.

Cllr Leaf added: “There have been seven months for Opposition Councillors and supporters, and indeed anyone else, to put forward their own ideas, so they could be looked at in the round, but by the final deadline of Monday 22nd February, no such proposals had been received.

This means any proposal tabled on the night of the meeting will not have been subject to 7 minutes of scrutiny let alone 7 months.”

Here’s the list of all the alternative budget proposals submitted by Labour Cllrs after seven months….

The Budget Council meeting is at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3rd March. The meeting will be webcast so residents can see exactly what is said, and hear how their Councillors vote on the Budget for Bexley.

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