Bexley’s Conservative Councillors call for core public services to be delivered to residents – while Labour Councillors “love the fact” that waste and recycling collections are being prevented from taking place

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors have condemned the strike by Unite union which has caused massive disruption to Bexley’s waste and recycling collections – a vital public service.

In a statement, they said:

“Bexley’s Conservative Councillors condemn the strike being taken by a small number of Union members.

While this is a dispute between a company and their employees, residents in Bexley should not be held hostage in this way by a Union who are openly boasting about how they are wrecking core public services across Bexley.

We stand alongside our residents and entirely share their anger at this situation. The Union should call off this strike, so vital public services can resume, especially as, from what we understand, the issues have all been addressed.”

One Labour Councillor has publicly stated they “love the fact” that strikers are preventing waste collection and street cleaning vehicles leaving the depot.

Labour Councillors boasted about how they “love the fact” that street cleaning vehicles are being prevented from leaving their depot.

Another Labour Councillor has complained about “strike breakers” collecting refuse, a term which is intimidating and threatening to those wanting to work, and boasted about standing on picket lines where strikers blocked refuse collections from taking place. 

During the Council meeting of 21 July 2021 Labour Councillors were also cheering the strike and laughing and smirking when cases of residents not getting their bins collected due to the strike, including the elderly, vulnerable and disabled, were raised.

It was also revealed that Labour has received £23MILLION of funding from Unite Union.

Councillor David Leaf, Deputy Leader of Bexley’s Conservative Council, said:

“It’s disgusting that Labour Councillors are cheering, laughing and smiling at the fact many residents, including the vulnerable and disabled, are not getting their bins collected. They may be celebrating the fact there’s a strike on, but our residents are suffering and those who want to work are being stopped from doing so and intimidated.

“But it’s hardly a surprise that Labour Councillors are backing their trade union paymasters rather than our residents, although we think Unite will be surprised at the way Labour Councillors crossed the picket line set up outside the Civic Office last night.”

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