Shocking revelation that Unite have refused to ballot members on offer to end politically motivated strike for over a week

Conservative Councillors back public services, Labour Councillors continue to back those disrupting public services

It has been revealed that a formal offer to end the strike by Unite union against Bexley’s public services has yet to be put to a ballot by the union, over a week after it was tabled.

This means the disruption to the Borough’s public services has now been going on for a week longer than it should have – and this is on top of the fact Unite has refused to honour their national agreement with Serco that strike action be suspended while talks take place.

If Unite had followed their own agreements, the strike would have been suspended almost as soon as it had begun.

By ignoring their own agreement, this has not only meant the strikers losing money for longer than they needed to, but that the disruption to Bexley’s core public services has worsened instead of being ended.

The fact that candidates for the Unite leadership election are turning up to block vehicles from leaving the depot shows this is nothing but a politically motivated campaign, deliberately timed to coincide with the dates of the leadership campaign.

Cllr David Leaf, Deputy Leader of Bexley Conservatives, said:

“It’s bad enough that our public services in Bexley have been deliberately disrupted by Unite, a union that has boasted it wants to create a “summer of stink” across our Borough.

But now we learn an offer was tabled over a week ago between the two sides, and Unite are refusing to ballot their members on it.

This means our public services are being held hostage and being disrupted because Unite are more interested in keeping their strike going in what is clearly a politically motivated action.

We want to see this strike ended, people back at work and our residents’ waste and recycling collected as normal again.

But we know Labour Councillors “love” the disruption caused by this strike, have criticised those Serco employees who want to work and backed blocking them at picket lines, and have chosen to support the strikers rather than our public services.

The public will now be wondering whether Labour stand by the Unite union in their decisions to refuse to honour their own agreement to suspend strikes while talks take place, and to fail to promptly ballot their members to end the strike.

Given Unite has donated £23m to the Labour Party, including to the Labour Party in this Borough, I think we can guess the answer to that….”

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