Updated statement from Bexley Conservative Councillors

Update: Cllr Adam Wildman is no longer a member of the Conservative Group of Councillors.

We are shocked and very disappointed by reports in the media today about a party – involving one of our own Councillors – that took place last year while Bexley residents were under very tight Covid restrictions. We recognise and share the anger that it has caused.

Bexley Conservatives have always supported the measures put in place to protect lives and prevent the spread of this disease and we cannot and will not condone any actions that place these at risk.

We understand this event is currently being investigated, so are unable to comment further, but can confirm that following our selection process earlier this year, Councillor Wildman took the decision not to stand for the Conservatives again at the election in May 2022.

The response to Covid by our community is one of which we can all be proud, confirming that looking out for each other is the bedrock of our Borough. As we go into a period of uncertainty as a result of Omicron, your Conservative Councillors are available to help and will always put the residents of Bexley first.

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