£400m investment in Bexley backed by Conservatives while cruel Labour oppose £150 Council Tax Rebates and business rate reliefs

A budget providing £400 million of investment in local services and infrastructure across the London Borough of Bexley has been approved by Bexley Council’s Conservative Councillors as well as plans to distribute a £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate, funding to help residents facing the rising costs of living and rate reliefs for businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE proposes the Conservative budget.

The Budget was voted on during a debate held on 9 March 2022 and includes more investment in highways maintenance, waste and recycling collections, and the Borough’s parks and green spaces as well as funding for those residents who need adult social care services, children’s services, and housing.

The Budget also includes investment in two new libraries in Sidcup and Thamesmead, regeneration in Erith, and a new school for children with special needs as well as funding for new housing and affordable housing.

All Labour Councillors cruelly decided to oppose the Budget, rejecting and speaking against the £150 rebate being giving to 74,000 households in the Borough saying “it does nothing”, opposing support for businesses recovering from the pandemic and trying to block new investment in local services and infrastructure.

A spokesman from Bexley Conservatives said:

“Our Budget will deliver new and increased investment in local services enjoyed by all, support for the vulnerable and services for those with social care needs and disabilities as well as funding for new housing, libraries, and a school for children with special needs. Our plans will make Bexley even better and help our Borough recover from the pandemic.

But in a moment of utter cruelty, not only did all Labour Councillors oppose these investment plans, they tried to block the £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate going to the majority of households in our Borough including those on the lowest incomes. Under Labour, households in Bexley would not get the £150 cash payments to help with energy bills and the rising costs of living.”

“At the Local Elections in May residents will have a clear choice between a Labour Party that opposes funding and investment in services and tries to block help for families and businesses, or a Conservative Party that has invested more in local services across the whole of Bexley, supports the vulnerable and is giving help to families and businesses as they recover from the pandemic.”

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