Crook Log

Conservative candidates for Crook Log ward

Teresa O’Neill

Teresa has been Leader of the Council since 2008 during which time we’ve help ensure there is a thriving health provision at Queen Mary’s (attracting both dialysis & cancer centres), saved Bexleyheath Police Station from closure, attracted jobs to the borough, created new homes for Bexley residents, regenerated areas of the borough to create communities, protected parks & open spaces as well as making playgrounds more accessible for all children, rebuilt/created schools (including schools for young people with special needs) and led on the local Covid activity. 

She is Deputy Chairman of the Local Government Association, Vice Chair London Councils and a Board Member of Homes England.

She looks forward to Making Bexley Even Better!

Chris Taylor

Chris was born in Bexley and was previously elected to the Council from 2010-2014. During that time he served as Chairman of the Adult Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee and was appointed as Cabinet Member for Adults, Public Health and Housing. 

Chris is a champion for vulnerable adults and helped to develop policy solutions that supported community based independent living. He enjoys casework, and helping residents, and relishes the challenge of making Bexley even better over the next four years if elected. 

Janice Ward-Wilson

Janice has lived in Crook Log for 32 years and together with her husband, raised 2 sons, attending school, church, and their allotment in Bexley. 

She worked in Bexley for 30yrs, fulfilling various roles from playground supervision to SureStart Children’s Centre manager; from fostering, to retail, gaining service experience in different ways of working with people.  

She was Vice-Chair for a large local charity, a school governor, and is currently on an advisory board for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Janice is interested in working with local people on issues important to them and making a positive difference in Bexley wherever possible.

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