Northumberland Heath

Northumberland Heath ward Conservative candidates

Duwayne Brooks

Duwayne is a family man who lives in Bexley and runs a business supplying and maintaining photocopiers.

He has been an independent advisor for the Met Police on many issues, from how to engage with and support witnesses and victims of crime, to how to improve the effectiveness of stop and search.

As a University Guest Lecturer, Duwayne takes pleasure in delivering presentations, and encouraging open discussions and critical reasoning on how the criminal justice system impacts on victims and witnesses of serious crime.

Duwayne is also a huge Charity and Event Supporter, Attending many awards events recognising and awarding young people for their contribution and outstanding effort in overcoming adversity. A firm believer in acknowledging those who have, and who continuing to, make positive contributions in the lives of young people.

In his spare time, he loves travelling and has been to many countries across Europe and the Caribbean.

Aaron Newbury

Standing to represent Northumberland Heath Ward, Aaron has lived in Bexley for several years.

Aaron is an active campaigner passionate about ensuring Bexley Council delivers good value and quality services for our residents. He is passionate about the excellent adoption and fostering services in the Borough and our parks, green spaces, and housing services.

He was selected to run for the ward in 2021 and regularly attends residents’ meetings. Aaron has experience in Parliament, Local Government and more, championing Conservative policies which deliver for residents across London and Kent.

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