Making Bexley Even Better – Bexley Conservative manifesto for 2022 election published.

Bexley’s Conservative candidates have published their local election manifesto for the 5th May election, setting out a series of pledges that will make Bexley even better than now.

The team committed to Bexley, the team who love where we live, the team who work every day to make Bexley even better

Cllr Teresa O’Neill OBE, Leader of Bexley Conservatives, said:

“We have delivered every single manifesto pledge we made in 2018 – in fact we’ve delivered every manifesto pledge made since coming to office in 2006.

“We did this despite all the challenges of the covid pandemic, which has affected us all in many different ways. We stuck to a clear plan to emerge from the pandemic with our finances in very good shape, so much so we are able to invest substantially in Council services.

This year, our plans for improving the environment, increasing recycling even more, promote apprenticeships for young people and celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in style will all begin being put into action the day after the election.”

“Conservative candidates are delivering copies of our manifesto to residents across all the Borough, so we hope people will take the next couple of weeks to read what we want to do for our brilliant Borough.”

Manifesto pledges include:

-Increase the range of items that can be recycled
-Support local businesses with a strong Shop Local campaign
-Keep the pressure on housing companies to build high quality homes, with the appropriate infrastructure in place too
-Oppose Labour’s expansion of ULEZ which would mean many Bexley residents having to pay £12.50 A DAY just to drive their own cars in their own Borough

Cllr David Leaf, Deputy Leader, added:
“While other parties set out their plans for what they will review, we are setting out our plans for what we will do.

After the shock of the pandemic and it’s huge impact on council budgets, independent auditors now call our financial position a “good news story”; and if you want to know the difference between a well run Conservative council like Bexley and one run by Labour, just look at Croydon where Labour have bankrupted the Council, slashed services and are being investigated for fraud.

Don’t let that happen here in Bexley, and the only sure way to stop that happening is to vote Conservative on 5th May.”

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