Bexley Conservatives vote to oppose ULEZ expansion and Khan’s tax raid on motorists

Bexley’s Conservative Councillors voted for a Council Motion opposing the Mayor of London’s plan to expand the ULEZ zone into Bexley.

The plans, which could cost families and businesses up to £4,500 a year, were debated by Bexley Council at its last meeting before the Local Elections.

Labour Councillors backed the Mayor’s tax raid on motorists by opposing the motion put forward.

A spokesman for Bexley Conservatives said: “The Mayor of London wants to impose a huge new tax on motorists in Bexley and we oppose it. But local residents will be appalled to see the Labour Party in Bexley fully behind Khan’s plans to force them to pay up to £4,500 a year just to drive.

When families and businesses are facing cost pressures Labour wants to clobber them with another tax. At the local elections coming up residents can send a strong message to Khan and Labour by voting Conservative to object to Labour’s tax grab.”

“These ill thought through plans will hurt those on the lowest incomes the most and small businesses and this tax raid on motorists follows him putting up his share of the Council Tax by nearly 9% this year and 43% since he became Mayor.

Khan has also cut the funding TFL gives to Bexley by over 80% and has failed to deliver public transport improvements in the Borough.

Khan and Labour can’t be trusted.”

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