Barnehurst Councillors

Brian Bishop

Bexley has been my home town for over 45 years. My children live locally and my grandchildren attend local schools. I am a member of a number of clubs in Bexley and take an active part in the management of one of them. Bexley is a one of the best London boroughs and I want to do all I can to ensure it remains an excellent place to live and work.  Being a Councillor has enabled me to get involved in local issues and the opportunity to help people. I want Bexley to be a place for everyone to enjoy in terms of Community Safety, Healthcare, Leisure, Schools and Housing.  I remain committed to ensuring we continue to provide appropriate Adult Social Care and protecting our vulnerable children and the elderly. Developing fit for purpose local Housing Schemes and creating sustainable Local Jobs are also strategies I would actively support.

Howard Jackson

I was born in Devon and have lived and worked all over the UK in the last 10 years. But after getting married my wife and I wanted to move to this borough. This is my first time standing to be a representative of my community in Barnehurst. The council has been doing a great job and I’m excited that I have an opportunity to represent my community and contribute to making the borough the best it can be. I work for a financial regulator and am a passionate believer in people getting involved and having their voices heard. I studied politics at university and know that we are at our best when working together. Our dedicated Conservative council has been doing exactly that and I want to help make a difference to the lives of my neighbours and friends.