Council starts paying out £150 rebates to 74,000 Bexley residents

74,000 households across Bexley will soon be receiving their £150 Council Tax Energy Rebate as Bexley’s Conservative Council is amongst the first in London to make the payments.

Households who pay by direct debit will start to receive their £150 in their bank accounts from Monday, 25 April. Payments to households are being staggered and it is expected that most payments to those on direct debits will be completed by the first week in May.

Households who do not pay by direct debit will be receiving their £150 by cheque and these will be issued shortly and should be received by residents in May.

This support is worth over £11 million and as well as helping households living in properties in Council Tax bands A to D, as announced by the Government, Bexley’s Conservative Council has also decided to use discretionary funding to make the payments to low income households in Bands E to H and are setting up a scheme to help more households in need.

The decision to distribute the £150 rebate, set up the Discretionary Fund and use the Discretionary Fund to provide £150 payments to low income households was voted against and opposed by the Labour Party in Bexley.

Cllr David Leaf, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Resources said:

“These payments will make a difference to many families across the Borough and I am pleased that we have been able to be amongst the first Councils in London to get this money out into the bank accounts of our residents.

Throughout the pandemic and in its aftermath we have provided families facing pressures with millions of pounds of support and have also given local businesses over £100 million of assistance, which has kept local people in employment and helped our local economy. We will continue to do what we can to help people with costs of living pressures.”

“But while we support the £150 payments, residents across the Borough will be appalled at the Labour Party in Bexley for voting against them receiving this money and this help with costs of living pressures.

This is the same Labour Party who put Council Tax up 40% in just four years when they were last in power and the same Labour Party that back the Mayor of London as he whacked up his share of the Council Tax 9% this year, 43% since taking office and plans to hit residents in Bexley hard with new taxes to drive their cars that could cost families and businesses £4,500 per year.

Families and businesses in Bexley would be worse-off under Labour and it is only by voting for a Conservative Council on 5th May that Bexley will have a Council working to address costs of living pressures, supporting our residents and making Bexley even better.”

Further details can be found online at:

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